Thursday, July 26, 2012

Color Inspiration for Beads of Clay Blog

Being part of the Beads of Clay Professional Artists Team gives me the privilege to work with a number of top ceramic artists in the handmade bead industry.

One thing that we're doing as a team is being inspired by Brandi Hussey (Brandi Girl Blog) and her amazing color palettes.
Over on the Beads of Clay Blog, there is going to be a monthly Color Inspiration post with a couple of her color palettes inspired by an upcoming season or holiday.

July's Color Inspiration palette is based on Brandi's Pier Palette:

And here are some items that are inspired by this palette:
Marsha Neal Studio Pier Palette Textured Disc Beads donated to the BOCPAT Etsy shop
Hand Painted 2mm Silk Knot Bundle via Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop.
Marsha Neal Studio Textured Disc Beads: Sky Cowgirl Palette
Marsha Neal Studio Line Curls Crescent Pendants: Watery Blue Glaze
Make sure and stop by the Beads of Clay Blog to see what items other members of our team have posted for this palette.


  1. Beautiful inspiration and fantastic color matches!

    xo Genea

    1. Thanks Genea - it was a lot of fun finding colors that went with this palette! I look forward to doing it every month as a goal to look at new colors combinations... :)


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