Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bead. Set. Done. Next. Don't forget about the drawings!

Whirlwind times are upon me.
About two weeks ago when I was planning out an extremely full July - I really thought, in my head that we were in August already (that is a FULL schedule!).
Do you ever have those times?
The thought of no time makes me grumpy though...

I am enjoying some of the added crazy: Birthdays - lots of them, including Dave's. Trips to the beach. Planning for a Bridal Shower - bring on the craft, planning, shopping and all kinds of stuff!
Then add in some family drama spice, a few medical issues, and you've got a great cup that is just about to break the surface because it is SO full.
But I seem to get more done under pressure.

To eek out some time for my work, I have been up 2 hours early, and going to bed as soon as the kids are asleep. So here are some pics from my studio as I glazed and fired up some bead sets this last week so I could at least keep on top of my business (have to pay the bills...)

Marsha preparing to glaze beads.
Marsha's Beads glazed and ready for loading into the kiln.
First layer of beads into the bottom layer of the kiln before glaze firing.
Same set of beads, after the Glaze firing.

Marsha Neal Studio Beads on Rods out of the Glaze Firing
Sorting of the beads into handmade "matching" pairs.
Sorting of the bead pairs into their palettes.

Bead Sets are all strung up and ready to ship!
I'm also working on building up a bit of stock for D7 Studio to sell at Bead Fest in Philadelphia (shared booths #261 & #360).

Make sure you get your beads and get entered into the bonus drawing!


  1. You sound super busy, but glad you are able to get some beading work done :)

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed having a few good days of making beads at the beginning of the month. Then get in a few hours here and there to glaze them up - which becomes my little bit of sanity during the day. Painting beads with glaze always relaxes me... Can't wait to make more though (have some ideas bumping around in those little gaps in my brain space "to do" areas).

  3. Love seeing your process... all those gorgeous colours. No wonder I had such a hard time choosing! I have my beads and silks spread out on my worktable and hope to incorporate some into a bracelet for the 7000 bracelets for hope/ABS challenge. This is indeed "challenge" for me as I rarely make bracelets! Thanks for sharing these inspirational photos, Marsha.

  4. My work helps to keep me sane too! How lucky we are, to have something we can get lost in.


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