Saturday, December 15, 2012

Glaze Firing Peek!

Words cannot describe the events of yesterday. I tried to not watch the news or be on FaceBook a lot because every time, my heart was wrenched...

I took some time in the early afternoon to spend some quiet time in the studio as my glaze kiln cooled enough to open then unload. I did remember to take photos!

Above = before glaze firing.
Below = after (cone 5 which is @ 2230 degrees F)

I wanted to make some smaller, more tiny sized Terrarium sculpture pieces.

Perfect since I needed some meditation time (this is one of my new nature texture pendants from this firing - a test firing for them).

And as I am working, if distracted, accidents can happen (this wire had to be trimmed - way too long!).

Then finally the kiln was cool enough to unload...

There are many spiral texture textured discs in this load.

And some more tests of that new ocean/sea object spiral impressed plate.
I wanted more blue, so back to more tests...

Then, the bottom shelf. Above = before glaze firing. Below = after Cone 5 firing.

There were a few fatalities (with firing new shapes, with different weights, in new ways, there are always lessons to be learned!)

I want to get some of these petite pieces fired ASAP! Loving these glazes...

There are so many combinations and directions I can take with these.

The ideas for colors and use are overflowing... Now if only I had the time!

This is going to be so much fun moving forward with these!!!

Then it was time to get the kids from school. And now a weekend full of family time (maybe eeking in some glaze time and a small glaze firing) and parties and food making!

Off to start my day while the house sleeps in for a bit...

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  1. Are the terrarium mushroom pieces going to be available in your Etsy store? They are so adorable, I think I may need one . . . or more. :-)

  2. I love seeing the process of making the pieces. Thanks!

  3. Marsha, this new direction might be just what you need now,, connected to gardens and so very adaptable and adorable. Hope half the universe does not start making them. JT


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