Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tiny Garden Mushrooms and Accents

After the Christmas and New Years Crazy Holiday time is over - these pieces will be available for purchasing... 
(I know I have been saying that for a while. But the pieces are being photographed and things are moving forward. And I am driving my husband crazy, and that alone is enough motivation to get these out there to you all).
So start to look in my Etsy shop and my Marsha Neal Studio Website in early to mid-January 2013.
(get on my mailing list for the details and head's up!)
Or add these to your Pinterest boards to remember to look for them soon...

In the last few years I have been creating, testing, thinking, re-making, re-testing glazes, and now I have begun to focus on the marketing of this new body of work.
Tiny Garden Mushroom Sculptures by Marsha Neal Studio
I want these tiny sculptures for your terrarium, house plant, or non-frozen garden to be seen in a particular way.
Not just as something that you can buy.
(Although - Please... DO buy them so I can pay bills and make more art...)

For me, they are more than that...
They have a story.
They are part of a journey.

They touch on many things from deep within.
Things that go back to childhood.
Texture detail from Mushroom or Textured Tendril by Marsha Neal Studio
They touch on obsessions with color and texture...

Texture Detail of Tiny Mushroom or Tendril by Marsha Neal Studio
They are meant to be part of daydreams and personal healing.

Texture and edge detail of Tiny Mushroom Sculpture by Marsha Neal Studio
They are something that you can stop and look at.

Tiny Porcelain Terrarium Tendrils by Marsha Neal Studio
Move them around in your environment (they have a small piece of wire fired into them that comes out from the bottom of the sculpture to insert into your medium of choice to help keep them standing up).

Think of them as little zen sculptures for your mind and table top gardens.

Water Nest Sculpture by Marsha Neal Studio with Nikki Thornburg Glass Bead.
They can be tucked into nooks where they can be discovered...

Bird Egg Nest by Marsha Neal Studio with Nikki Thornburg Glass Bead.
In my minds eye, I become child-like again with the joy and pleasure of these objects.
I am able to explore them by sight and feel.

Although, be aware - these are not intended to be used by children. They are porcelain and stoneware clay, that is covered by glaze (which is glass) and they have metal spikes coming out of the bottom. All of which can be sharp if broken or poked into you. So please be mindful of where these are when little ones are around (be aware of pets too - they love to get into trouble sometimes). 

So now that I have my new creations ready to make their way to you, how do I best do that?
I think I have packaging and shipping 80% figured out.
Pricing will be in line with all of my other work (never an easy thing to do, but once done - phew!)
I am easily excited and overwhelmed with all of these thoughts.
I am working through them, which seems to be taking forever...

Every one of these is unique although they are somewhat similar in the way they are made.
They are family for sure.
There are variations in styles and clay bodies used.
Variations in sizes - height and diameter (although all to be held in your hand easily).
And Colors are limitless (and every kiln firing producing different results adds to the natural variations within color palettes).
Sorting of Small Garden Sculptures into Colors by Marsha Neal Studio

And with that, I am off to put pen in hand to paper and get this communication and ease of ordering figured out.


  1. love these! the glaze on the "texture and edge detail" photo is stunning!

  2. They are so lovely...makes me feel good just looking at them and what you did with them...perfect!

  3. Beautiful Marsha! The detail is amazing.

  4. marsha these are beautiful...
    so rich and detailed, yours and yet of the earth...
    i cannot wait to see the offerings!

  5. I love these, Marsha--they made the air sweeter while I was looking at the photos--now, THAT was a fascinating experience! They're amazingly detailed and beautiful. Can't wait to see them! : )

  6. Wonderful to see them 'in nature'. They do look mysterious, and silent and peaceful. Wonderful. Andrea

  7. Excited is not a big enough word!!! Can't wait...these are gorgeous!


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