Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We now enter the craziest time of the year for our family...
It starts at Thanksgiving and goes full speed ahead through January.
But it is great fun!

This time of the year is about celebrating and being with family & friends...

We made our first gingerbread house. From a kit. Very cool, but somehow lacking in smell that traditional gingerbread houses seem to have...

Dave has taken it upon himself to master balloon animals & shapes for two upcoming birthdays!

We have an almost 5 year old and almost 3 year old! And they are non-stop fun.

As I stole Sunday as a work day making items to fill orders from my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, Chloe came and hung out with me (I think she was into at least 5 games or projects in the few hours we spent there).

As my orders were drying I started to take look down my "to do" notes.
One of the top things I want to get out there are these terrarium sculptures.

So as I had the studio in chocolate clay mode, I worked on some assembly...

Then set them to dry...

The thought of more finger bowls hit me - love having them around as catch-small-things and just to look cool!

Lots and lots of porcelain into the kiln for a bisque - including some terrarium mushrooms!

Oh. And had to quick jump back to porcelain after clean up because I NEED to glaze these up with oxides and colored celadons...

Note to me:!make some skinnier holders to tumble bisque in for this skinny Mama Bear kiln (she is the middle size of my three).

And I have this much glazed up, waiting for a few other pieces from that bisque firing for orders. Have to do some quick Thermocouple repairs to the Papa Bear kiln so I can get it firing by tomorrow morning.

Will be posting about my preparations & ideas for Chloe's first "all friends from school" birthday party (I Love Pinterest for ideas!) as this week will be consumed with all kinds of crafting and food projects!

I am not sure if who is more excited - Chloe or me? I'm trying to not think about how this is her last birthday party with all of these friends that she has been with since she was in the infant room with them (4 years last August). We're going to let them have a blast and get to have some parent hang time. It will be great to chat outside school pick-up & drop off.

Before you know it - it will be January! Such a whirlwind...

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  1. I have one of your finger bowls- love it! it sits by my sink with a little piece of sea glass in it! love the terrariums pieces, I may have to make a terrarium so I can buy some:)

    1. Aw. Thanks Staci! I just love having them around in places - just seeing them makes me happier :)

      And those Terrarium pieces - you can stick them in any old house plant too. They just make it more desirable for the Fairies to come and hang out there (they like little magic places like that you know... at least that's what Chloe tells me!)

  2. Looks like lots of fun at your home. Enjoy yourself. Love the look of the aquarium pieces. Happy Birthday Chloe. I remember when she was born. Time goes so fast. She is lucky to have such a fun loving and loving family.

    1. Thanks Mary! We try to make things as fun as possible - within limits - for them whenever we can. Trying hard to let them reach and figure stuff out and be mindful of others. Dave and I often look at each other and think: Sheesh - they are playing so well together (then of course, they start fighting and go at it...). It's hard to believe it's been 5 years! We keep telling Chloe we are going to squish her and Riley so they can stay with us forever. To that approach, she cracks up and squeals with delight as we hug and "squish" them. Life is too short. Way too short... Soaking it all in :)

  3. Ooooh, those chocolate pieces look good enough to eat LOL.


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