Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sale Update and Giveaway Winners!

Over in my Etsy shop I have extended my "Cyber Sale" to go through Friday 11/30/12.
Items are already marked down to their sale prices.
There is also another impromptu drawing over on my Marsha Neal Studio FaceBook Page:

It is going on through Midnight tonight EST (11/27/12).

My insomniac self joked with another bead friend night owl about running a "night owl giveaway" (but alas, I fell asleep before getting it all going). So today, I decided to run another one.

Seriously Dave says I would be happy giving stuff away - and he is absolutely Right!

I feel so fortunate to be able to have this as my job right now, and love my "job".
If I can share something for practically nothing - and get SO much more in return.
Not only from the marketing side of things, but also from the side of I get to know people better and get the opportunity to connect and network with a great group of people that also like to make their own kind of art (albeit the bead and jewelry making kind of art - which is super awesome in my opinion).

Who doesn't like to wear something handmade?
Handmade has such a great story to it.
Using handmade components has a bit of the artist that made them in it.
Their story...
Then the jewelry designer adds their touch - their story...
Adds to the history of the piece.
These things are treasured. These memories last.

Something I find very valuable...
So. I'm off to go pull and pack orders and think of where all my little bead treasures are heading off to.

Oh, and darn. Got all into my romantic "handmade stuff is awesome" mode.

The Winners!

And my matching the 2mm Silk Knot Bundles offered over on LMAJ for anyone purchasing listings in my Etsy shop (picked over on Random.org from total listings sold during this entire Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE):

Staci L! Congrats!!!
I'll send you an Etsy convo to see what other 2mm silk knot bundle you want in with your shipment!

Congrats to all my FB commenter winners too!
Make sure to stop by and tell me about your favorite Winter Holiday Thing or Tradition!
Sorry I can't comment until it closes - I don't want to throw off the commenting numbers for the drawing later tonight!
But I tell you what - you are making me all teary (such great things over there!)
I love this time of the year!

The kids make it the best (even the "not your own kids" out there).

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