Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crescent Earrings

Sometimes as I work, I quick post photos up on my Marsha Neal Studio FaceBook page and then completely forget that I didn't actually blog about them.
Marsha Neal Studio Earrings ($38).
So is the case with this new for me shape: The Crescent.

Then I make, but put aside pieces that are finished.
I put them in piles to go to Darlene (D7 Studio) for her bead shows.
I put them in piles for me to make jewelry with (Bellefonte Arts in Wilmington, DE)
And then into trays of "to take photos of".

Somehow recently, my work is just not making into my Etsy shop or even to my website.
Marsha Neal Studio Medium Crescent Pendants
So today I worked on my biggest stumbling block:
Glaze Color Selection.

I have hundreds of glazes.
How does one narrow them down?
And what do you narrow them down to?
It was extremely difficult, but it had to be done.

So here they are. The 60 finalist glaze colors:
Marsha Neal Studio Glaze Color Selections
Marsha Neal Studio Glaze Color Selections
Now to work on the website and get these crescent pieces up there along with the pairs of beads:
Textured Discs, Spiral, Chevron Inspired, Round, etc.

I still need to work on my matte glaze color choices as well as the color palettes of the pieces with the oxides and colored celadons to see what kind of colors I can reliably get from those.

I just wanted these crescent pieces up NOW so I could start to offer them for people that want them to make earrings with or for people that keep mentioning that they want them made up as wearable earrings for themselves or for gifts...


  1. How I can relate to this Marsha! Sometimes I don't even get past bisquing pieces, let alone photographing them! It can be months sometimes before I share pictures of things...I need to improve on that!

  2. I love those earrings Marsha! What an awesome glaze with that texture - gorgeous!

  3. The colors of the studio above seems out to be amazing. One can choose them with every color they want to wear it with. Superb earrings, center of attraction kind of stuff.


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