Friday, November 16, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Preparations

It falls like a pile of rocks: Bam! Deadline is here...

Holiday shopping is about to kick into full swing in the next couple of weeks.

I am pulling silk palettes in Silky and Fairy ribbons to go with the 2mm silk listings I already have for sale in my two shops:

These pre-selected palettes will be included in my Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale (sorry - the individual color listings will not be - they require a lot of extra hands on work to pull individual strand colors).

And today I unloaded my bisque kiln load and now have new texture plates to make work with!

This spiral plate was a quick last minute grab of all sorts of sea shore finds that had a spiral.

These are going to look amazing as pendants with that much texture for the glaze to puddle into!

And this one. I just loved the daisy...

This is the plate after the bisque (notice the skeletal remains of the flower? That is easily blown away, but happily not before capturing it with this photograph.

Here are a few quick reverse image prints in my wet clay.
Oh... I.AM.SO.EXCITED to use these!

And this small batch of new crescent pendants have been fired and now await a glaze painting then firing session.

So this next week is the time for me to get my shop loaded up with silks, beads, pendants and finished jewelry in time for the holiday rush!
Even if some of the items are made to order...

So many ideas going around right now (this is awesome!!!)
Now is the time to tie things up!

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  1. Gasp! I am loving everything. I am in need of some more silk....


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