Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finding Clarity Through Cleaning and Writing

Why is it that our "Christmas Cactus" blooms in full for every Thanksgiving (and Easter?).
Surely has something to do with the amount of daylight and it's physiological makeup.
Not that it matters much to me.
I just enjoy catching glimpses of it in bloom...
And that it reminds me of my mom (Dave got this for me and one for his mom and my mom at the same time years ago)...
And this weekend is hopefully going to be a "family chill out" weekend.
So far - slept in to 8:30am.
Which is pretty good seeing as how Riley, almost 3, is an early bird just like his mom.

I have swept up, vacuumed and wet Swiffered the hardwood floors and the Florida room floor.

The temperature is pretty chilly, and we close the FL room off for the winter - only to be opened when we have birthday and holiday celebrations (that would be 3-4 times in December).
So at least it is clean and we can just party decorate then.
That is a few things in one off my brain "to do" pressure list.

And seeing the kids dance and fool around on the kitchen floor last night made me itch and have to clean it this morning.
I don't care that in a day or two it will look the same. 
At least I know it was cleaned "recently"... 
And that alone allows me to now sit and relax and type up this blog post (Sweet!!!)

So one thing I know about myself: I have a hard time sitting still.

My house may have some clutter here and there, and things may be heavily in the "to do" piles at times,
But I can't relax and I can't get anything done until I clean up and clear my head.
So for me - cleaning and straightening is my bit of therapy.
It wipes away the guilt of having a job that allows me to be creative.
It makes my husband less stressed (his job that pays the bills stresses him enough already).
And I know my kids aren't going to be walking around covered in cat hair.

So on with the day of Family Chill Out!!!
(well - after I pull a few silk orders that need to ship out today)

And one more thing to share with you:
This arrived in my email today:
10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

I quite enjoy CopyBlogger.
Especially the blog.

Not that I use this blog to write much other than about my work and my business lately...
But that's ok.
It's my therapy and my place to market my work and the things in my life that affect my work.

There is a lot of stuff on the horizon for me as I start to find my clarity again.
And I hope you will come along for the journey by checking in here on my blog and keeping up with me through my Marsha Neal Studio FaceBook page (I love posting studio progress there - so easy for me to do from my phone in my studio when I am taking a quick break!)

I hope you are doing great and getting yourself centered this weekend...


  1. The 10 steps to being a better writer could be applied to almost anything- for me, make beads, make more, make even more, etc. It is so hard to keep focused sometimes. I am like you- my house is not very clean, but if it gets too cluttered, I can't work in my studio. I must straighten it out before I can work.

  2. Maybe you should call it a Thanksgiving cactus and then an Easter cactus at the appropriate time. I agree about having the house under control (mostly) before moving on to creating. I can't create in chaos. Enjoy the rest of the family chill-out weekend!

  3. Good writing inspiration:) I had a christmas cactus I could never get to bloom. Yours is beautiful!!!! Sometimes I have to clean up to allow my creative side to flow too. Life is so busy with work and kids. My daughter is grown and on her own. The time goes by quick, so enjoy your family time! Wonderful to to see yours having fun simply playing in open spaces:) Following your blog now. Follow me too at www.sewsweetvintage


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