Monday, November 19, 2012

Selling Local: Bellefonte Arts Gallery

This last Saturday I took a lot of the handmade jewelry that I have been making up to North Wilmington, to the eclectic Bellefonte Arts Gallery, to refresh my rented display case with lots of gift giving items for this holiday season.

When you walk in, turn right, and there in front of you will be the Marsha Neal Studio Display case.

There are some of my new crescent shaped earrings.

A handful of my porcelain and chocolate clay shard earrings.

Some of my slip knot big bead bracelets.

There are some silk ribbons and plant ID tags. And some leather necklaces for the pendants.

Earrings galore! I don't know about you, but one can never have too many handmade art earrings!

And most everything comes in a box - ready for wrapping and gift giving...

So if you are local and want to get some of my work in person, Bellefonte Arts is the place to go (or to suggest to people looking to give the gift of handmade this holiday season)!

There are so many wonderful local artists with work up at Bellefonte Arts Gallery, you are likely to find something for everyone...

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    1. Thanks Mary! I don't know what takes longer: Making Beads. Making Jewelry. Or Packaging, Pricing and fiddling with a finished piece. I'm never quite satisfied with the packaging of things (not yet anyway). :)

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    1. Thanks Chris! I've had stuff here for over a year. Since I don't do shows with my finished work and I don't hold an open studio or anything of that sorts - this is my local retail outlet (and a great place for me to find things too - I love handmade!)

  3. Your energy and creativity always amaze me! Happy Thanksgiving !


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