Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sale and Giveaways

Arriving from Artisan Whimsy? 
Enter AWHOLIDAY into message to seller to be entered into my $25 Giveaway.
I'm not using the coupon code for discounts since all items on SALE are already priced down.
Want to see all kinds of handmade beads and components and jewelry on sale?
Click over to my Black Friday page (page will disappear in early December 2012)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S. celebrating today!
I will be spending the day with my little ones baking and cooking, then seeing my awesome in-laws, then some hang time with my siblings!
Silly Halloween Pumpkin Turkey of sorts...
I'm setting things up for quite the sale through my ETSY shop kicking off on Friday!
Finished Jewelry will be on sale:
Porcelain Donut Earrings
All SALE items will be marked down to their actual SALE price as of very late Thursday night or early Friday morning if the tryptophan takes hold on Thursday.
Porcelain Pendant Set
No coupon codes are required unless you are coming back to buy more then one time.
(To Save On Excessive Shipping Charges, after you have already paid for shipping one time while your item is in house, use coupon code FREESHIP to avoid excessive shipping charges. Please do not use this unless you have already paid for shipping one time!)

Not all items in my shop are going to be on sale, but most will be marked down a bit...

Like these pre-selected color 2mm Silk Color palettes:
Pre-Selected Color Palette "Simple Nature" 2mm Silks
I will be marking individual knots down.
No additional quantity discounts will be applied unless you purchase multiples and the quantity discount would be greater than the sale price (this is meant to entice you to try some of these, not stock up on a ton).
Direct checkout does not allow me to issue a credit - so be aware of that and Use PayPal if in doubt!

Starting Black Friday, there are overlapping events (groups I belong to) that are hosting blog hops and lots of giveaways - talk about overwhelming!
Although - all these links lead to sales - and Handmade Item Sales at that!!!

Here they are in order of Starting Date: Black Friday...
Beads of Clay Blog:Me and My Ceramic Bead Makers Group
I have donated items for each of the daily giveaways over there (share socially, then comment that you did so over on that day's particular post, and you get entered to win that day's giveaway!).
Shop for awesome handmade beads!

Artisan Whimsy Group (fellow component, craft and finished jewelry makers group) 
For this group, I will be giving away a chance at a $25 gift certificate for purchases made from:
Friday, November 23 to Friday, November 30, 2012.
*(Some, but not all items will remain on sale past Cyber Monday)*
You must put "A.W. Holday" in some form into the "message to seller" when you are checking out.
Every listing purchased & using the code will receive a chance at winning that $25 gift certificate.

And for the official Cyber Monday!
Love My Art Jewelry Blog: Awesome Handmade Jewelry and Components
For Actual Cyber Monday, I will be donating (1) 2mm Silk Knot Bundle in
Pick your own color palette to L.M.A.J. blog giveaway.

I may end up adding something extra special in for Cyber Monday too.
Like, hopefully some of these new pieces:
Crescent Pendant Earrings Marsha Neal Studio
My brain just can't get around it yet.
Let's hope decorating for Christmas on Friday gets me in the right mode for this!

And let's hope that by Monday, with the kids back to school - things can resume to normal "work" around here (I cannot wait to get to "work" in my studio - especially onto the terrarium pieces!!!)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Marsha!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to winning your prize!!!!

  3. wow, sounds like you have a full plate! Hope you enjoy the weekend :)

  4. Love that comment about the terrarium pieces!

  5. What a cutie pie Chloe is! Count me in for your giveaway! Keeping everything crossed.


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