Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sale Pricing Is Live!

My Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop is now LIVE with all of the items that are going on "SALE" now marked down to their "SALE" Prices!

These 2mm Silk Knot Bundles are slightly on sale
(they are priced at the retail quantity discount price of 3 or 4 bundles)
The 2mm knot bundles Regularly $20 are now $18 and 
The 2mm half-knot bundles Regularly $12.50 are $9.
Click To Shop Sale Silks
I have marked down all of the individual $15 pendants to their destash $5 price.
And the $29 pendant sets down to their destash $10 price.
And random other pendants are marked down 10 to 40% off retail prices.

Click To Shop Sale Pendant Sets
And it's about time that a lot of these butterflies, bats and other Halloween creatures find a home.
They are marked down from $10 to $5 on SALE.
Click To Shop Sale Butterflies and Creatures.
And there are so many more sections!

Marsha Neal Studio Nature Impression Pendant
Individual Pendants = Destash prices! Most are $5!

MarshaNealStudio Porcelain Shards
Ceramic Shards = 30% off: $12 now $8 a pair!

MarshaNealStudio Porcelain Donut Earrings (photo by Katy Timney)
Handmade Jewelry = Prices dropped $5 to $15 off for these listings!

Marsha Neal Studio OOAK Bead Set
Bead Sets = OOAK sets are marked down $10 off of their retail price.

Marsha Neal Studio Chevron Bead Sets 
Custom-Glazed Bead Sets on Sale for $30 each:
Each pair of beads (there are 8 pairs on these strands) retail at $6 a pair.
Regular group discount price = $32 for these sets, on sale for $30 through Monday.
Not too deep discounted because these I will have to make to order.

As this weekend progresses and I find some time to look into my shop inventory cases, I know I will have more items to add into my Etsy shop. 

No worries about excessive shipping charges though.

Once you make your initial purchase, you will receive a coupon code in your "Thank You" email from my Etsy shop that will remove excessive shipping charges on any add on orders you may have over the weekend.

Have fun shopping and spending time with friends and family this weekend!
Tomorrow is our day to decorate for Christmas!
The kids are SO excited and the weather is supposed to be awesome...

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