Friday, December 14, 2012

Sneaking In Studio Time

The time between Thanksgiving & Chloe's birthday are done & we are about to enter the Christmas, Riley birthday & New Years crazy. This means kids will be at home & I need to get "work done now" and the studio ready for three of us to be down there having fun...

My jewelry making area needs a good sorting. I added a folding table to the area to move things so I can organize and make it user friendly.

Both kids have managed to get sick in the last week, but nothing too bad. Like on the edge of whatever bug is going around. They are fully back to normal now.

And so into their drawing...

Chloe had found some clay bead tests (I forgot I even made these) and asked to color them. Sure - why not?!

And I wanted to know what all tat silliness was about to get your feet painted and make impressions on paper. Chloe tickled the heck out of my feet as she painted mine. Riley's feet are just as big as hers! And there is a 2 year difference...

And I have been sneaking and glazing for orders & finally these terrarium sculptures!

These are samples of tests I have running the last couple of years as I have been working on these ideas and seeing them form into this new body of work.

These above are on the custom handmade kiln furniture I made to fire these so I could have the wire into the clay. Dry fitted as to not touch. Ready to go into the kiln:

I wonder how this firing will look. I am SO excited and nervous!

And here are more pieces that I have been glazing. That was a crazy packed shelf!

And the studio/basement office area - where we had ripped out the cat pee carpet - needed something on the floor. So I grabbed these foam mats from the store & put them down. Makes for a great floor to walk on & stand (mental note - use extras for packaging area!).

And as my glaze kiln is now cooling down, my smallest kiln is loaded with this bisque - more pieces to glaze soon!

I'll be posting pics of my glaze firing soon (usually post to my MarshaNealStudio FaceBook Page faster - first).

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  1. Glad you are getting in some studio time, looks at all those goodies! I am in love with the terrarium mushroom; can't wait to see the road those take you down.

  2. marsha I am new to ceramics but holy cow your work is awesome. Thank you for giving us a tour

  3. Love your little terrarium pieces, so sweet!

  4. Love the feet pics! My daughter and son are two years apart, and for a long time his were the same size as hers (he is younger) Now he has passed her! Boy feet are huge!
    I love the mushrooms, totally cool. I'm with your kids, I'd like to come play! Have a productive day, and a great weekend!


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