Tuesday, October 6, 2009

9 New Glaze Colors for Fall

So here they are...
Some quick pictures of the new glaze colors that I'm planning on adding to the line of Marsha Neal Studio Glaze Colors sometime this fall 2009.

If you like any of these glazes, you can use their numbers and names (the ones that have names) to order them, just make a note of it in the "message" part of the order via Marsha Neal Studio Online Shopping Cart...
The four letter code after the name will be my catalog code for that particular glaze.

#1 New Glaze: Rhubarb "RHUB"
Pinkish Red background breaking Blueish Purple:

#3 New Glaze: Midnight "MIDN"
Black breaking slight Blue and Brown:

#4 New Glaze: Blue Green "BLGR"
Blue puddling of glaze and Green background:

#5 New Glaze: Oceanarium "OCEA"
Metallic Spots of Blue, Green and some Purple
(darker green/blue shade of my older color: ASGR)

#6 New Glaze: Rusty Blue "RUBL"
Foamy Blue/Green glaze that breaks brown:

#7 New Glaze: Green Sea Glass "GRSG"
Pale to mid tones of green, more satin finish:

#8 New Glaze: Dusty Denim "DUDE"
Frothy Blue that breaks brown:
One of my favorites of the new colors!

#9 New Glaze: Pomegranate "POME"
Red/Pink/Purple-ish colors:
*changed PLUM to POME... more pink than purple to me, and just makes more sense...

Hope you like the new colors!!!
They are available now at shows run through D7 Studio (run by my friend Darlene).
Or you can purchase them via my online shopping cart by using the color codes above in the message part of the order. You can always do a follow up email to make sure things are as they should be... Will put them on there sometime soon...


  1. beautiful colors!

  2. The first thing that came to mind was Violet Haze or Grape Crush ... great new glazes!

  3. #2 - torched copper - i have recently been playing with fire and metal... when you run copper thru the flame, blues and purples appear... i know we are switching up media here, but the color scheme is similar... both have that iridescence... the glazes are beautiful... i am still jonesing for more charms in aut ... really love them!

  4. Marsha, they are all fabulous! Of course I'm dying to win a gift cert for your beauties so here are my suggestions for the 2nd glaze:

    -fall mist or autumn mist
    -Sonoma (reminds me of grapevines and the fall colors in autumn there)
    -Paua Shell (it has lots of the pretty glow of the shells)

    I still might be back with more ideas...I'm motivated to go for the win! :)

  5. They are all fantastic glazes but #4 and #5 are extra amazing!

  6. another suggestion...
    Napa Harvest (ok, can you tell I just got my Napa olive oil shipment today?)

  7. Do you have a glaze names "Twilight"? A nice partner for the darker "Midnight"
    Blue twilight
    Twilight sky
    Stuck in a rut, here.

  8. Fresh Fig

    ok, I'll stop now...I feel like I'm spamming your blog comments :)

  9. Hey Eveyone!
    This last week I had family in town staying with us, so my computer time was slim to nil...

    I love all the name suggestions! You guys are great!!!

    I've taken the names and made codes - So many good suggestions - now to let them sink in a bit to see which one will be the name!

    If I come down to a couple that work, I'll have Chloe pull the final one out of a hat. I'm thinking Tuesday will be the announcement day for the glaze color!

    Thanks for helping me out with this!

  10. October 14th:
    Congrats Marie Dodd - Torched Copper it is!!!

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions - it wasn't easy to pick one name...

  11. LOVE oceanarium, and diggin the DUDE!
    Excellent color combinations Marsha!


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