Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogging Events and Open House...

Hello Everyone...

During this event, 16+ Earth Clay Bead Makers will be hosting an open studio through their blogs to give you a bit of an insight into their creative, and often messy (we work with clay!) lives. During the event, they will be present to answer questions as time allows...

You will see pictures of their spaces,
Works in progress,
Their inspirations,
Something "fall" related from traditions, events, a recipe, or whatever comes to mind.

They have been asked to participate in two giveaways for blog commenters during the event, and to consider hosting some sort of "special" through their Etsy shops for that day as well.

That means that there will be chances to get your hands on over 32 different treasures that day if you stop by during 1-4pm EST and comment on the appropriate posting on each blog.

If you can't stop by that day, make sure to catch up that night. Many of the Artists will be hosting their Etsy shop specials through Midnight that night... And the blog postings will remain, so you will have a lot of time to go back and spend some time in cyberspace, in their studios.

I thought I would take some time to quick post some links to some other Blogging Events and Studio Open House Blogging Events to help give the participating artists and the visitors a little insight into what to expect. Not saying the blogs will duplicate these, but talk about being inspired by the creativity of these Artists Blogging Events...

Artists, you've got a week to go now to pull this all together. I would highly suggest having everything ready to go before the open house so you can sit with a warm cup of cocoa and a fall treat of your own while viewing the other blogs and responding to comments and giveaways on your own blog...

Don't be overwhelmed... Have Fun!!!

Short checklist:
1. BOC recommended guidelines for open studio?
Contact Mary Harding if you need a copy

2. Are you advertising for the open studio on your blog right now?
I've created some images for you to copy and paste for use on your side bar of your blog or in a blog posting or your website... If you have a newsletter, have you sent any info out about this event?

3. Have pictures taken, and blogs written, ready to be uploaded during the event.

4. Decide what your giveaways are going to be, and maybe post some pictures ahead of time to entice viewers to comment so they can have a chance to win the little treasures...

5. Decide on what your Etsy shop special will be for that day, and please run through midnight so people that can't make it to the open house will still have a chance to participate by purchasing your wonderful items...

6. Have links in each blog posting for the following
(for ease of visitor navigation):
(so visitors can click to other participating artists blogs)

Your Etsy Shop
(which should also have a link back to your blog)

If this event goes well, we will plan on doing more of them in the future...

So don't stress about having everything done and perfect for this one event.

People want to see into the lives of artists - and we know that often artist studios are in shambles during our most creative times.

Be yourself, be interesting, and add a touch of humor...
Everyone likes to be entertained and feel human once and a while...

Email me if you feel overwhelmed or have questions...


  1. Marsha, thanks so much for this post. You are making it so easy for us. I've got a little start on my 'tour' and am really looking forward to the event.

  2. Marsha, We are excited about this event; we will be returning from a camping weekend and should be ready to roll. We will have two give a ways; a section at our shop
    for special sales; a tour of the studios; interviews and some musings about what inspires us. Thanks to you and Mary for getting this going. Really wakes up the Fall Season!!!
    Joan and Lana

  3. I am thrilled to be part of a group of artists that are so friendly, fun, and open about their art! It is like we are all family and share this wonderful Internet blog studio space all together... Almost just like being in a physical studio having lots of good times together!

    Can't wait until next weekend with you all! Now back to loading my kiln and some hot chocolate!!!

  4. I think this will be awesome! I am glad it starts after I get home from teaching my Saturday ceramics class. My older students and I did ceramic beads and pendants on our first Saturday.
    I will blog the event - in case anyone reads my blog...


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