Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Honoring September for 2010 for My Mom Pattie...

So here we are…
Three years ago, my mom celebrated her last birthday (September 1) in the hospital while doing battle with Leukemia. I remember it fell on the Labor day weekend. I was three months away from having Chloe...
This is a photo of my mom, Pattie, at our rehearsal dinner in September 2004.  One of my favorite pics!
Actually on this day in, she was battling a bad case of pneumonia which is listed on her death certificate as actual cause of death (with underlying AML)… She was taken off of life support eleven days later...
I wish I could say it was a great last birthday for her, but it was probably the worst one ever. 
Just the week before she had been almost her normal self again.
Chatty on the phone with everyone, joking with the doctors (yelling at one of them as told by Jamie, who jokingly said: I'd never try to intentionally piss of your mom, she's brutal...). 
But I think her body really began to give up the fight. 
The seizures were on her doorstep. 
Sepsis was on it's way too. 
She died at 54 years old. 
Although, it should be said 54 years young… 
Too young...

But Birthdays are for celebrating… 
So enough with that mode of thinking!

Now that I have become a mother myself…
(Insert cute kid pics here - I had to!)
Chloe… Born December 2007

Riley… Born December 2009.

…On my birthday, I thank my mom for all that she must've gone through on that day to bring me into the world…
I have a totally different understanding now.
So Grandmom - THANK YOU!!!
And to all those before her… Thanks!

Owl Clip Art Image on Porcelain Pendant Necklace by Marsha Neal Studio in My Mom Pattie Etsy shop.
Ok, so now for the details of my "Honoring September" 2010 special…

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I will be adding more pieces into both Etsy shops over the next week or two…
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Thanks Everyone!!!
Happy September to you all...


  1. Marsha,
    I just shared this on Facebook. I'm battling a migraine this morning so posting to my blog at the moment is too much work. Hopefully I'll feel better tonight and can post it then.
    I love the owls!
    And what you're doing in memory of your mom is inspiring!

  2. What a beautiful tribute...I am a cancer survivor at 46...It's nice to see her memory being kept alive through you and your family. She looked full of life in her picture...I'm sorry you lost her...

  3. this was just lovely - and i can hardly believe that another year has passed... i am so glad that you honor your mom each september, sharing her with us...

  4. Blessings to you, Marsha on this day.
    Enjoy the day.

  5. Thanks everyone… I got together with my siblings and their significant "others" and we had a big spaghetti & meatball dinner. I was hoping to have Chloe help me make something for the mom's Etsy shop (she is quite into her beads and jewelry right now), but it was just too hectic with everyone around.
    I think I miss her a bit more today now that her birthday has passed… It's weird how your mind takes you back to the time spent in between her birthday and the day she died… Like slow motion and a memory from a long, long time ago put together.

    Melinda - a big hug from me to you… I am happy to hear that you got through your battle with cancer. Not a day goes by that I don't think about how we will all have our time to do battle with some sort of cancer in this crazy world we live in. I hope that you never have to go through dealing with it again.



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