Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Second Saturday BOC State of Your Studio 2010

So here is my blog contribution:

We all have places where we create…
My creative space is undergoing a massive gutting, organization (re-organization implies that it was once organized), and "flow" improvement…

I have almost the entire basement to myself (5 years now) and it looks like this:
Well, technically, this cluttered area is my "upstairs office" from the extra bedroom, which is now being used as a bedroom - so I moved it to the extra space in the basement that will one day become Chloe & Riley's "basement hangout area" or something like that… We'll see about that!
This area in the back part of the basement "the clay studio part" will also be changed.
The litter boxes used to be under that table. 
But they have been moved! 
Thank Dave for that brilliant but simple idea (after me complaining that I wanted to vomit every time I walked into the studio).
The busy side of things. This actually has a bit of a flow to it right now.
It has to really… 
Something does - right?!
Ah, my clay tool area.
I used to know what play things I had here, but it's been years since I just sat and had fun with clay…
It's always working on some pieces for orders.
We'll have to change all that (find time to play with clay - see what happens!)
The bead storage, potential jewelry making area.
Also functions as Silk storage area, packing & shipping area…
Home to the water heater & house air flow unit as well.
This area needs serious re-organization for flow.
Then maybe I can start to use those bazillion beads in those shoe box bins…
This is the main side garden hill where I go to "weed the garden" and find my thoughts.
It is second on my list of "find my thoughts" places only to when I am sitting, glazing beads for hours on end (which happens in the basement clay studio), with "relaxing" music playing.
This is often how I find my hands these days…
A little dirty from wiping the soil off of them after weeding, planting or watering my garden…
And sometimes, inspiration from the ground below (acorns fallen from my friend Anne's tree).

Thanks for stopping by my studio today.
Don't forget about my Honoring September chance at a giveaways this month…

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And new pieces are in the Etsy Shop
Not sure if they would spark any inspiration for the Art Bead Scene's September Challenge since they are a little more Art Nouveau than Art Deco…

Wish I was a little better at jewelry making.
Maybe I'll get into that jewelry area before the end of the month and will whip something up...


  1. Hooray for Dave in finding another solution for the cat boxes and now you can work without the stink!!! We have four cat boxes and I am so thankful they are in the laundry room and not my studio. Our kids are now old enough to help with cleaning them...soon yours will be too and the reward of having children can be enjoyed to a new level ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your studio space with us. It looks like such a FUN place to create. Inspiration abounds...especially in your beautiful garden. What a view! I see you are in Hockessin....we have friends there too. :-)


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