Sunday, July 3, 2011

Narrowing Down A Color Palette For Etsy

There are ways to look at ones business…
For me it has always been:
I make beads & pendants.
I sell these beads & pendants to people that make jewelry.
I sell things through bead shows, bead shops, and online shops.
I have a website that allows people to pick out their exact porcelain pendant by:
Texture, Shape & Size, and Color...
12 selected glaze color choices.
But things are not the same for me anymore.
I am not personally traveling to bead shows.
I work from home and can't be away from my two little ones for long…
(I become a miserable grump)

My pieces are still at shows through D7Studio
Which is my friend Darlene's business.
I sold her my bead show stock right after I had Chloe, and she made it her own…
You should see the stuff she carries!
Really - click to her blog to see where she will be next…

There are bead shops that still carry my pieces - if they have not closed up shop yet and gone online…
And as far as online resellers, there are a few…

So in the last two years I have really focused on my Etsy shop:
Selection of items in my Etsy shop.
I have taken, and retaken, and then taken more photos of my items.
Worked with a professional photographer, Katy Timney for better images of what my pieces look like finished and worn:

And so now from an outsiders point of view…
I like these, but would like them in another color.
What do you have to offer?

Right now it stands as:
Take a look at my other listings.
You know, the ones under porcelain pendants, shards…
Or maybe go outside Etsy to my website.
Search and find the pendants, then hopefully your computer/phone can download the flash (outdated) glaze color chart.
Oh, and I have new glazes - but they aren't there…

See the point?
Or rather - get lost in the point?
Customers that are there to buy a pair of earrings or a pendant get lost and uninterested when they have to hunt (I know I do).

That first photo at the top of this post are 12 of my best selling glazes that I am going to offer to people buying finished jewelry as their palette to pick from.
The pieces are still working through the kiln, then to be photographed…
But soon - they will be up there.

Make things simple and impulse shopping friendly.
I am my ideal customer...
I may be your ideal customer too...
I love to shop for unique handmade items…
But don't make me work for it or I'll go buy something else.
You know - unless it is something I "have to have".

What kind of things are you doing to make your Etsy shop more desirable to shop?


  1. This is my struggle as well Marsha, I end up making whatever I make in whatever color I'm in the mood to glaze then they go on my website. I really do need to get better at listing on Etsy but it seems like such a pain to me :)

  2. Yes, struggling, struggling, struggling!!! I usually make what I like and if it doesn't sell, well...I keep it! Your photography is very beautiful, clear and compelling! xo

  3. That is a great idea, Marsha. I am struggling with one-of-a-kind or limited edition right now. I think that I should lean toward limited edition, but I love to make the one-of-a-kind. I have been quite absent and silent on Etsy and in my blog as time is just not there and neither is my Muse. I love the way you show the earrings and things and think that the ability to customize the color a bit to tailor it to your style would be wise! Good luck!
    Enjoy the day!


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