Saturday, July 9, 2011

BOC Second Saturday State of Your Studio

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My creative space for clay, jewelry and office work is in my basement.
Unfortunately this is what the view into the outside looks like:
I've been trying to figure out the best time of the year to be most productive in the clay studio.
I love being in the garden from March/April until June.
Then it just becomes horribly humid and hot and I happily go into the cool basement and hang out in the clay and jewelry areas.
I managed to even get some clay-work in yesterday and made some domed cabs for my friend Teddi and some for Darlene (D7Studio).
I just love the way these domed cabs look...
I have yet to clean up the bottoms & edges with a wet sponge,
but that will be for me to do once the kids get to napping (maybe today or tomorrow).
I've also got my glaze tests underway for my next post for Beads of Clay Blog Third Friday, Cone 6 Commercial Glaze post I do every month.
I've been glazing up some pieces and firing them in my small kiln (which gets different results than my large kiln) so that I can make up a limited "glaze color selection" for some of my jewelry listings up in my Etsy shop. I did this so that I can have a faster turn around since I don't have to have quite so many pieces ready before firing the kiln. I like to try to fire a full kiln load. Firing a load almost empty is such a waste of energy...
I've been getting in a bit of photography time too.
These are the 12 glazes I decided upon for the Porcelain Clay Twirl Earrings in my Etsy shop.
I just love the tone of blue and the translucency of this new Peacock glaze.
It picks up the detail of my textures so well and shadows nicely!
And here is my jewelry making desk.
I just got a new shipment of silks in and want to spend some time pulling some for new bundles for my Etsy shop.

Also, last night I went out to see a fellow Delaware Etsy Street Team artist (Nicole Kristiana) at her opening at The Grand on the Wilmington Art Loop then went to the after loop party "re:fresh" at the newly opened World Cafe Live at the Queen… 
Words cannot explain how great it feels to go out and be around other artists.
Especially when you are an artist working alone in a house…
Standing under the staircase, looking up the interior side of the building.
And to be in such a unique building that has so much history.
I blogged about it over on the DEST Blog if you want to see more.

Don't forget to visit the Beads of Clay Blog to see what other artists studios are looking like right now…
Thanks for stopping by for a bit!

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  1. Hi Marsha - Been meaning to tell you I Love your pendant Dana Groves used in her necklace in the latest Creative Jewelry magazine. Really gorgeous - :) Even though your basement space doesn't have a lot of natural light it must have great energy from all the great work you're cranking out. Hope you're staying cool, and feeling better since the tick episode. Creative Jewelry magazine.


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