Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Special Fun!!!

What Do You Do On Saturday Nights?
We are usually running around a bit crazy until 9 or 10pm with the little ones...
Riley and Marsha Saturday Night...
Once Riley has gone to bed, we settle in for some movie and popcorn time with Chloe and I get some time to "work" on the computer.

I've found a new Team over on Etsy to be a part of:
Etsians that join this team run a "Saturday Night Special" in their shop from 5pm EST Saturday night through 6am EST Sunday and pop in and out over on the team thread to chat (there are two dedicated discussions for each topic).
Want to shop and get a deal on some items over on Etsy?
Click HERE to go to the team discussion thread where shops have listed their coupon code, a sample item from their shop and a link to their shop.

It is like my Etsy family exponentially grew overnight…
I love the energy over on this team!
And the treasuries & exposure is awesome…
SNS Team Treasury by Etsy Seller: Saressa
I love shopping the treasuries, so I decided to add this post to my blog to help promote the team and all the shops participating in this weekly event.
I'm going back over there, and to maybe make some team treasuries to add to the list below.
And of course - To Shop!!!

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