Thursday, July 7, 2011

Twelve Colors For My Clay Twirl Shards

All of the pieces are out of the kiln…
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Twirls In Twelve Colors
In all the right colors...

So now customers that are looking at this earring listing below can pick their own color right on the spot.
Porcelain Clay Twirl Earring with Sterling Silver
And I've also created a listing for anyone that wants to pick out just a pair of these twirls and make their own earrings (or whatever you can think up to use them with).

Through creating this custom listing it dawned on me that I really should have an Etsy "shop section" for all of the listings I've got for the silk and clay "you pick the color" listings.
So that is now done too…

Now if only the sun would peek out from behind the clouds so I can photograph the other two main porcelain clay shard textures I've got in these 12 colors too…

Including two NEW glaze colors:
NEW Glazes: Blood Red and Peacock
Blood Red Glaze on Chocolate Clay
Glacier Glaze on Chocolate Clay
I think there will be an Etsy shop update happening soon…
Make sure you are on my email mailing list to get the heads up on the update and any special coupon codes I may decide to run for my newsletter customers…

Don't forget, if you like to make treasuries, I'm running a "contest" for anyone using the jewelry listings with the new modeled pieces (on Claudia and Becky) that is running until July 11, 2011.
Winner gets a $25 MNS Etsy Shop gift certificate.
See the bottom of my previous post for details and to add your qualified treasury to the list.
Good Luck!!!

***After I looked over this post again when it was live, I really didn't like the way that first color choice photo looked in the center. But I did like that circle photo…
What do you think?
Is this better???

***Ok - here is the final photo update - I promise:
I just changed the positions of the labeled colored shards to match the inner photo.
I like things a bit tidy...


  1. The second shot is WAY better! There is a movement and a life to it. I love the arrangement. Great idea to feature the colors and let the client pick! You are always thinking, Marsha.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Wow, you are so organized!!! I'm impressed! And I love that second shot, too!!

  3. Thanks for the input!!! Very much appreciated...

  4. Really like the final layout - those shards are so cool - I love them. Pretty color choices too. And I like your chocolate pieces - love how you did the glaze on them.


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