Friday, October 12, 2012

October Pendant Destash Event

It's here again - Time for me to grab trays of pendants that I've been making here and there, and putting in trays in the studio, and get them moving fast!

I think I am emotionally moving on from these pieces in a big way.
I may still dabble - maybe some new designs.
I'm wanting to pick up drawing again and may find inspiration to make new work.

I wanted to have these pieces back up on my website where people could pick their texture, shape/size and color, and I would make like I have done since I have made these pieces, but something inside just keeps fighting with me about doing that.
I think it's that creative part that has been dormant since around 2006.
She is ready to burst forth for a huge breathe of fresh air!!!
She is wanting to find inspiration in the things that grow to fit into the small spaces in life..
New Marsha Neal Studio Small Garden Sculptures in the works...
And November is the beginning of that time for us - my muse and I...

So for now - wrapping things up a bit for me...

The Destash sale!
This maybe the very last one I do for these ceramic pieces.
Definitely the last one I do like this via Etsy (too many fees for such low priced listings).

Individual large pendants will be $5 (regularly $15)
Multi-hole pendants will be $5 (regularly $20)
Pendant Sets will be $10 (regularly $29)
Other various pendant set collections $15 (regularly $40-50)
I may add a few more listings tonight into my Etsy shop (I have some medium pendant sets to put up there) but once they are gone - that's it.

Three Hole Pendants - Marsha Neal Studio Website!

Where can you find them?
Two places:
Marsha Neal Studio Website (ceramic pendants pages)
(there is only one of each pendant, so leave the qty as 1 when checking out)

I might just mark down some of the other regular priced Ceramic items in my shop too.
I think 20% off might be called for...
Those will just have "Sale" marked in front of their Title.

Ok - off to make a few more things happen before grabbing the little ones from school and a family dinner out (it is Friday Night right?!)

Thanks Everyone for All Your Support!
Oh - and of course I'm adding in some Giveaways!!!

For anyone that makes a purchase of ceramic pieces in my Etsy shop or Website during this event,
You will get entered to win this set of "Bohemian" Textured Discs AND one of my 2mm silk knot bundles (your choice of colors).

For anyone that helps me promote this event via social media outlets
(FaceBook sharing, Twitter posting, Blogging, Pinterest, etc)
Then come back and comment on this post for each thing you do,
Your comments will get you entered to win this set of "Garden Bloom" Spiral Beads.

If you are making multiple purchases during the "Destash Sale",
after you pay your initial shipping & handling fee,
use coupon code: FreeShip to avoid excess shipping fees.

For your convenience:
Shop Marsha Neal Studio Website for Destash 10/13 to 10/15, 2012.
Shop Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop for Destash 10/13 to 10/15, 2012.


  1. Ok, I cannot believe I am reading this blog post! Why?? Because just a few days ago I was thinking about you and thinking I was really first introduced to you during your October bead/pendant statsh last year. I was wondering, will Marsha do this again in October?? :) Guess I will be staying up late tonight!

    1. This is Kristi Harrison (I was accidently signed on my husbands account, huskeye reviewing his google calendar) :)

    2. You are too funny Kristi! I think my virtual friend community grew exponentially after that destash last October! On many levels it was the best thing I did last fall! You gals are all SO wonderful!!!

  2. Heading to check things out! Did you know -- you were my FIRST ceramic purchase in the history of my beading career? Met you at that bead show in DE in the fire house (do they still do those?) and I felt like I'd met a rock star. You're amazing!

  3. I am continuing in the tradition of Lori and Kristi above - I first bought from you, I think, at your destash sale last year (or was it the year before? I can't remember now! but I know it was a destash sale!) AND you were, if not the first, one of the first ceramic artists I started buying from on Etsy. So here I am again, I'll be up late with Kristi and everyone else, waiting for those prices to switch over! Thank you Marsha, you rock!

    1. Oh Grace, it's going to be a virtual party!! :)

    2. I keep looking for the "like" button - lol... I think a lot of these newer pieces for this destash are extra cool because for the most part - they have been glazed with newer glazes in this last year with a few old, but good ones added in :) Thank you guys for your constant support!!!

    3. I ended up falling asleep early that night, so I didn't get to the destash until Saturday morning, at which point all the pieces in my cart were gone! But no worries - I ALWAYS find more I like, and I did, in both of your shops! I can't wait to get them all, thank you so much for this awesome sale!

  4. Excited about your destash event - but also excited about what is to come! Can't wait for those terrarium pieces! You have so many gifts!
    Just shared on FB.

    1. Thanks Colleen!!! Hope you get the ones you want (I think I may sneak in some glazing time tomorrow on some of those new terrarium pieces! :)

  5. Shared on Facebook

  6. Marsha - I am thrilled to get some of your gorgeous pendants in your sale. I am also excited for you to see what comes from you and your muse.

  7. Just shared your link on my Facebook page Andrea R

  8. Totally caved! :) I've been eying your bat pendants for ages now and this was my excuse to get one.. "well since I'm placing an order anyhow...." lol

  9. Ie your pendants, Marsha. You were my first ceramic purchase also! I was so proud to have a "real art bead"! I posted your sale on my FB page.

  10. Just made a purchase from your website.

  11. Just made a purchase from your Etsy shop.

  12. Just tweeted about your great sale. But can't figure out how to get the URL on my iPad.

  13. Just posted to my Facebook page. KayzKreationz or Kay Thomerson

  14. Kay just sent me the info on your detash sale. I posted to my facebook acct. Will check out your etsy site later today. I've never worked with ceramic but it looks very interesting. Is there a worry that the ceramic will chip or break if the beads are in a bracelet that jangles some?

  15. I work in Cone 6 porcelain and chocolate clay, so although it is pretty durable, it is not indestructible. As a fellow bead maker once told me when I asked her the same question: "Treat these pieces as you would a glass piece". On the note of them breaking or chipping in a bracelet that jangles - my first reaction is: I highly doubt it. But then that is followed up with: I guess it depends on the design and the wearer - because there may be poorly designed piece of jewelry that exposes the pieces in a way that would allow it to be whacked on something pretty hard.

    That being said - the pieces that are in the De-Stash sale are a bit larger (think necklace pendant) and smaller pairs with the larger pendant (great for earrings - or charms on a bracelet). Totally up to the end user... Hope that helps!

  16. Just posted on my GraceElements FB page about your destash!

  17. and posted to my personal page ~


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