Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/11/11 Etsy Sale

In celebration of 1/11/11 Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop is in day 2 of the 33% off with coupon (MNS333) sale…

There is something about numbers - one I always see is around 3.
Yesterday when I filled up my gas tank the total was $33.33.
I reset the trip mileage and it said my range until empty was 333 miles.

So it just seemed fun to do a 1/11/11 sale for 33% off…

Shop the Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop and use coupon code "MNS 333" before checking out and your order will be 33% off. It's that easy. The sale is running for three days 1/11 to 1/13.

Oh yeah, and don't forget… Any purchase with monies being spent being over $25 will get you automatically entered into the "What MNS items did you buy this month" giveaway over on my specials blog… Then you can make stuff and post pictures and win more stuff (and if you don't win, you will be entered in the end of the year "I entered, but didn't win anything giveaway…). 
I like to give stuff away - can you tell?

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