Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rear In Gear...

I really hoped that the Blogpress App update fixed this issue with blurry pictures - Grumble, grumble…

I wanted to share a series of photos with you that I snapped of Peeves with a choice to make about new catnip toys she received from my friend Vicki (I got a great wheel thrown vase for myself and a necklace to add to the My Mom Pattie Etsy shop)…

I can relate to her having to make a decision. I had one too yesterday morning...

As you can see, she went back and forth a bit, rolled around on them, played with each one a bit, then decided to run around like a freak and play with them both seriously… It was great fun to watch!

So every stinking day I go into the basement studio and see this - piles. PILES of filing (my organized mess - where if I needed to grab something, I could begin in an area where I had placed it - or did I move it to a "better place"?).

I despise this. I really do.

So the entire morning was spent pulling bins and going piece by piece, business card, receipt, catalogs, magazines, notes, old pictures, all of it - PIECE BY PIECE… and into the recycle bin or shred piles (very little had to be "thrown away") if it is not something that I need to keep.

I feel like a hoarder at times. But then again - here is the excuse of all times, I'm a busy person. At least I have been. And I need to have a good plan in place to get myself re-organized to be able to keep up with it. There is a LOT of self searching going on as these piles are gone through. And after I am done with the filing - I get to the fun part - going through all my arts and crafts "piles" and bins that are stored on shelves. Going to introduce myself to them… "Hi Stuff! I'm Marsha… Wanna play?"

More pics will be posted later today or tomorrow of my progress… Stop back for more!
This big ol' rear is getting in gear...


  1. My rear needs to get in gear too. Hubby just agreed to let me move my beady organization to the nice coal warmed basement but to do that we need to go through box after box of God only knows what. *sigh* Good luck to you girl! I hope you find some great treasures buried under there.
    Shannon C

  2. Peeves, looks like he's having a great time. This is what I miss about having a cat. They are such creative players.

    I feel like you've thrown down the gauntlet. I have some areas of organized mess (and some unorganized too) that are just depressing to look at. I just close the door. But I am going to do something about it! I am going to do something t...tomorrow :-)

  3. I also work in the basement and I often think I could star on Hoarders...buried alive. Between the clay, the glaze, the tools, the beads, the buttons, the fabric, the wool, the thread, the floss, the glass, the torch, and all of the books and magazines on all of the topics it's getting a little scary down there. lol I'm planning to give it all a good clean out/reorganize next week. It definitely needs it!

    And thanks for visiting my stitches blog and leaving the nice comment about my quilt. Mary


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