Thursday, January 20, 2011

Head Is A Bit Tangled...

Ok, so you have heard of Zentangle? If not, check out that link to get started… I am warning you now - it is very addictive… For me - add it to the Online Drawing Lab I am taking in 2011 - and you have stuff like this coming out:
Marsha Neal Studio Cat Drawing from DL2011 - Tangled...
Basically it comes down to drawings. Little repeat drawings. Ooodles of doodles
I have been doodling forever. A lot of people have (our poor mothers - we came out with some sort of drawing utensil in hand at birth I'm almost certain of it…).

So I came across Zentangle through a blog somewhere (those links - they will get you every time!). Sent the link to Dave as a "check this out, looks cool - maybe a good Christmas present idea if you are looking for one"…
Marsha Neal Studio Sampler Variations from Zentangle Books
Now I'm not so sure he is happy about getting it for me. I'm addicted. Well, I guess you could say - I'm inspired and a bit obsessed. Ok - addicted is right…

I feel like I am on a mission of sorts, then I can relax a bit…
I blame this almost fully on the fact that
1. I am currently dealing with federal lawsuits of copyright infringement issues with my porcelain pendants and
2. my general way of being brought up as "do something right from the beginning".

What makes a drawing or doodle a Zentangle (insert Registered Trademark here).
Why does it seem like there is this huge rush to put a title to a drawing and your name on a doodle and say you created it (or am I just overwhelmed - and making up the "rushed" part - because I am just discovering this official business of Zentangle drawing)?
And really - other than categorization for teaching and communication (I totally dig the scientific method of naming things: KPGOFGS) and becoming known, why do this?

One thing I have come full circle to realize after cruising blogs, websites, videos, and at least 4 Zentangle books is that Zentangles - the actual drawing in the mindset of Zentangle is to use a small piece of paper. They have super sweet 3.5" squares of really nice paper (repeat - really nice - it has such a feel to it!) that are perfect for little masterpieces.

Because I feel that using a full size sketchbook page takes away from the "zen" of the "tangling"… It can take HOURS that may lead into days to complete a full sheet of paper.

Then there is the shading… (Oh, what shading can do for your drawing! It pops right off the page at you if it is well done). And add in the graphite finger prints on things (or the hurdling over toddlers to get to the sink to wash before wiping a running nose or making lunch).

I'm not saying that is a bad thing to be into drawing like this…
But when you have other things to do in life, sitting drawing obsessively will raise a few eyebrows (I had no idea the cat could do that too!) when other things are being pushed off to the side.

I just wanted to share with you a little about my mental state right now with my obsession with Zentangle and questions I have.

I want to take it to the next level too. Well, technically, full circle in a way because I want to be inspired to make new clay pieces, with textures from my drawings and carvings… But need to walk carefully because of all this business stuff. Would love feedback on this one. If you have discussed this on your blog and want to share it, maybe I'll create an inlinkz for this post…

For now I am admitting to my obsession, I have put the Zentangle books down. Put the sketch book and black gel roller pens down. And will be pulling out the 3.5" Zentangle kit I got for Christmas next week when Laura posts her next challenge and getting back to the zen of tangling again, and try to not get too obsessed until I have gotten my studio office, jewelry making area, and clay studio organized.

I put it in writing…


  1. I love your zentangles and all of the details that go into them. I can see how addictive this would be and am doing my best to stay away as there are already raised eyebrows about how my time is spent at the torch or behind the camera :)

  2. Inspired by you, Miss Marsha, I tried my hand at my first Zentangle. I have started a few others, really just the penciled in shapes to get the juices flowing. I have been addicted to patterns lately and am seeking out ways to use them. I would love to incorporate these into my own drawings, and my designs somehow. Not sure how. But I can see the possibilities and you have done a mighty fine job of putting them into yours, so I know it is possible. Yes, there will always be life that impedes our creative urges but that creativity is what makes my life worthwhile. So not wasted. Not one second.
    Thanks for always inspiring me, Marsha!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I just wanted to send a little thank you for visiting my Zentangle challenge post.

    I read both of your copyright posts, and it fits so well with the question I posed in the latest post. The whole issue about using someone else's design. Where do we draw the line.

    I hope you don't mind me adding the link here. I just want to make it easier for you to check it out, and get your input. Since you are dealing with this on your beads...from the original designer end.

  4. Ommmm..... I love your work and always have. I know things can get tangled (hehehehe) up with creative trademarks and copyright, but your talents lie in this arena without a doubt and you'll be amply rewarded for simply sifting it out.


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