Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zentangle "Eyes Wide Shut" Challenge

I have taken upon myself to seriously consider keeping my hands busy drawing this year…

This Zentangle was just completed. I happened across a blog, through this flickr group, then blog challenge

I really like the way the drawings look through my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.

Here is the beginning of the drawing...

I started to fill it in before remembering to take a pic (oops!).

And completed…

I think I will free up some new inspirations with all these drawing classes (Drawing Lab 2011) and picking up Zentangle...

-- Pictures Taken With & Posted From My iPhone


  1. Hi Marsha,
    this is the blog where I first stumbled upon Zentangles...

    Have you seen it already? :)

  2. I just love the Zentangles. I could really get into something like that. I will be looking into those sites you mentioned. Have you started drawing cats? I have. They went from stick figures to more 'realistic' (at least for me) and back to stick figures. I think I do stick figures best. I look forward to seeing what you are drawing!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Marsha, I have just spent a delightful hour roaming the zentangel web. I love this technique. One of my favourite things to do is draw rather random patterns. In fact I have been in trouble in more than one meeting for losing myself in a pattern rather than paying attention. Thanks for this. I didn't know it had a name. I'm off now to grab some paper and pens.

  4. Hey! Thanks for joining the challenge! Your tile looks great! welcome to the wide world of zentangle!

  5. Very nice! Your grid-pattern is stunning. Reminds me of folklore and tapestry of the Inkas or Mayas (?).

  6. Oooh, I really like your patterns here - that tiny area where it looks like rings around the um string? and the pattern on the right which has the bow ties at the cross section in your grid...lovely!

  7. Glad you have discovered Zentangle, I think there is a bit of happy dancing in your creation!

  8. Nice job! I often admire your work and consider it a "must stop" at all the big shows...

  9. Great results. I sometimes forget to take photos before continuing too. I think it's the excitement to continue on....it fuzzies up the brain.

  10. It's fun to see how you started to fill your string. The result is beautiful.

  11. Very nice - looks like there's a gentle breeze blowing through.

  12. ♥ it, Marsha! I love that grid tangle design on the right. It looks Egyptian to me... or possibly like some beautiful middle eastern tile mosaic pattern. Great ZT. =)


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