Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Etch All Dip n Etch Info

Here are some pics I quick snapped for those of you interested in the contents of the etching solution that I mentioned in my previous post on Etching Ceramic Beads

Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc

As noted in my previous post, when working with this material - always wear gloves and long clothes to protect your skin. 
Safety goggles will help protect your eyes from any splashing. 
Good ventilation is necessary as well.
This is a chemical. 
There are risks for using it improperly (as does just about anything in life when it comes down to it). 
Be Smart. Be Safe!

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  1. I used Dip and Etch for all my beads until I found that using a tumbler gives an even better matte finish plus it's not so caustic.
    When you use Dip and Etch make sure you wear rubber gloves and do not let this stuff get on your skin!


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