Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fiddling Around In The Social Media Realm...

Just fiddling around trying to figure stuff out.
Do you ever do that?
Marsha Neal Studio Recent Clay Work
I'm cleaning up my Flickr account a bit reorganizing photo sets and wondering how I can use the images on there with my blog here...
Like the photo mosaic above (created through flickr, then big huge labs, then flickr again) - wondering since I added by html code, if you click on it will you go to my flickr page or just an enlarged version of the image?
(Answer: takes you to my flickr photo stream - good to know!)

And what is the best way to get things like this up on Pinterest...
Because right now I would have to "publish" this blog post to get the photo URL
(unless I can grab that from Flickr too nope didn't work...).
then get the image URL and go over to the Pinterest Goodies Page and add the Pin It button to my blog.
(Update: it is easiest to hit the Pin It that I have installed on my personal internet browser window and share it on the board, but self promotion is not looked upon with smiling eyes. Having that Pin It red & white button is the nice way for you to ask someone else to pin it for you...)
Just trying to figure out what the fastest way to do this is...

If I save the image direct from Big Huge Labs to my computer as a jpg file, I can then upload it here:
Marsha Neal Studio Recent Clay Works Mosaic
So then after saving this blog post, I can go over to Pinterest and add the URL, website, description and then copy and paste the html code to get this:
Pin It

And all of this is stemming from a few questions...
One being: How can I help out the jewelry designers that are using my pieces in their creations...

I want to have a place for you to link up your Etsy shop listings or website listings or blog posts here on my blog to help people see your beautiful work (and maybe even buy it...)

Maybe I need to create a dedicated page with an Inlinkz gadget.
Or a monthly post...

All this is going to take a bit of figuring out.
But I'm sure it will be well worth it showing off how "pulled together" it all seems...
Do you ever get like this - just fiddling around trying to figure it all out.
If you've got any ideas or links to helpful sites, I would love it if you could post it in the comments below.


  1. Oh the wonderful world of social media. So. Many. Options. O_O

    I keep saying I'll try and explore everything out there but I've pretty much just stuck with Facebook and Twitter... and lately, Pinterest. I have a Flickr but haven't really fiddled with it.

    I repinned something off of Heather Powers' pinboard about Pinterest and blogging... but haven't read it yet. Lemme go find it. *scampers off*


    (I'm not sure if the above link will be helpful... I haven't read it myself :-/)

    Personally, I think just having a board on Pinterest with pieces featuring your beads would get a ton of exposure (depending on how many followers you have and how active people are on Pinterest at the time). I've seen other bead makers do this and I think it works.

    You could even ad a tab a the top of your blog and feature works that way.

    I still feel relatively new to the whole jewelry scene so my advice might not be the most sound :P

  2. Good morning Marsha!
    Now I need to find some time to sit down and bead. Hmmmmm..... maybe I will have an anti-superbowl party and break out all my bead stuff, and spend the day just beading! I will most likely be the only one at my party, but I don't care!
    In the meantime - what's up with the "Recommend on Google" button? I keep hiting it like a good girl (I just did here too) but what does it do? Is it like the mystery lightswitch in Avery's bedroom that doesn't turn anything on or off???


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