Monday, January 30, 2012

Etched Pendant Etsy Shop Update

There are a bunch of new items in my shop (over 100 new listings) all being New Etched Pieces!
Here is a quick photo peek...
New Two-Hole Crescent Pendant
New Etched Line Curls Round Pendant in Dusty Denim Glaze
New Urban Grid Round Pendant in OOAK Green Brown Etched Glaze
New Gnarly Spiral Texture Bat Pendant in Etched Dusty Denim Glaze
New Line Curls Butterfly in Etched Blue Molasses Glaze
Medium Round Brain Coral Textured Pendant in Etched Fern Green Glaze
Small Round Cluster Spiral Textured Pair (earring size) in Etched Pomegranate.
Porcelain Clay Twirls in Etched Peacock Teal Blue Glaze
Wavy Grid Texture Diamond Shaped Pendant Set in Etched Old Oil Bronze Brown Glaze
Hibiscus Flower Porcelain Pendant in Etched Dusty Denim Glaze
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Oh, and check this out!
One of my just listed butterfly pendants was added to this Etsy treasury collection within hours of it being listed...
Thank You Megan!


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