Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snow Dusting, Decaying Flowers & Studio Time...

Woke up today with a nice surprise - a dusting of Snow!
Just enough for snow boots (why get regular shoes wet?) and some fun time before school...

Yesterday was the general monthly meeting for the NCC Master Gardeners.
It was great to see so many of my new gardener friends & catch up a bit.
After a presentation by a UD Professor, I have a new outlook on the use of annual plants in the garden & how they can be useful & temporary (they will not survive our growing season). 
It was a nice refresher - just what I needed.
Inspiration and motivation!

And on the way out through the parking lot I was able to snap some pics of the remains of the 
2011 Native Plant Teaching Garden. 
Narrow Leaf New York Ironweed.
Purple Cone Flower.
Then when I got home and spent a few hours updating things online for 
(hosted by the AWETeam) I made my way into the studio to this mess: 
I am the type of person that needs the bed made before I get into it at night.
Maybe not ALL the time - but I do prefer it.
So it should be no surprise that I like to clean up before making a mess.
So here it is...
My studio space, cleared of the crazy clutter (for the most part - well - for the part I need to work in anyway) and I'm off to go work on some glazing with the Spring 2012 Pantone Fashion colors in mind.

Let's see what I come up with!
Check out my Marsha Neal Studio FaceBook page for updates as I work...


  1. Funny, I just cleaned up before making another mess while glazing. I'm like you. I need to have that clutter cleaned up before I can concentrate properly. Now if the fairies would come in and organize the other two tables.

  2. When they are done - send them up here for a bit. They can then hang out with Chloe's fairies in her bedroom for some toy organization and play time :)

  3. Love the pictures, especially the 1st one of the kids! It's funny ... that morning as I was wiping that 'dusting of snow' off my car I turned around and my 4-yr-old was laying on the driveway making a snow angel (in his nice clean & dry pre-school clothes)!! Kids!


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