Monday, March 21, 2011

Chocolate Clay Toggles and Multi Hole Pieces

Here is a quick post to let you all know that I have listed a few new items into my Etsy Shop under the Shards section.
Chocolate Clay Toggle "set". If they make it out of the kiln similar enough, they are listed as a set.
Sets are harder to "make on purpose". And I rather enjoy making them where maybe they will come out...
I like the way that some listings on Etsy show up close detail of the piece to draw the viewer in.
Makes you think - what the heck is that?
Porcelain Clay Shards in Green Sea Glass glaze.
Ohhhh… I love the color & texture…
Then you can decide if you need to have it immediately even though you are not sure what to do with it (I have a lot of items like this just because I loved the surface color & texture) or maybe just favorite it until later.
Three Hole Chocolate Clay Shard.
Although, I do have to say - I am really getting to the point of moving away from production clay and doing what I want in it.
So you might want to get it while you can… 
Changes on the horizon for this clay gal!

Oh, and check out this Etsy Mud Team treasury from JD Wolfe Pottery 
"The Break Up" which features my Chocolate Clay Shard Toggles:
So very cool…
I love these textures and patina colors…
What do you think about these pieces in my shop?
Wouldn't they look awesome used in pieces for the Vintaj Woodland Blush DesignChallenge?
Here is another Vintaj blog link to a post with some inspiring pieces for the Woodland Blush Design Challenge.
I'm seriously considering making at least one item to submit.
Maybe I'll go right now and work on it…
Submissions are due by noon on April 8th (CST).

Would love to see someone submit some designs using my shard pieces with the Vintaj pieces, maybe some of Shannon's (MissFickleMedia) pieces too…
Guess we'll see...


  1. Love the chocolate set and the porcelain set - so pretty!

  2. Great texture Marsha! I'm curious how your Etsy hits compare on items with the close-up main pics compared to a full view photo...I definitely see how the close-up would draw people in!


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