Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Is Arriving Around Here...

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I love that we live in Delaware, situated right in the nook and cranny of the Mid-Atlantic region of the Eastern United States. Not thrilled about the air quality and a few other things, but at least we experience fully all four seasons...
My 2011 Winter Garden (above) is no longer covered in white.
Small tips of green and purple are poking through the soil...
Soon my main side-hill garden will look like this (deer included).
The Dark Eyed Juncos that visited with us all winter will head north. 
These decaying seed husks will be cut back and replaced by new growth…
Speaking of new growth - this blog is about to grow some new appendages.
I will be making posts about my garden and helping to educate anyone that wants to learn a bit more about gardening as I am going through my Master Gardeners training from now through summer (one of the major life changing things going on for me).
 I am excited to see if any of the seeds from this spent cone flower will produce any new plants this year.
I added about 6 varieties of cone flowers to my garden last year.
Most scattered in the garden bed along the front walk where that annual brown grass is.
It is going to be fun to see how this photo will change this year.
And to use my images for new work.
Not just pendant related...
This is a photo of the little gray barn that sits vacant now for years here in Hockessin.
I looked into renting it before the economy went into the dump.
$16 a square foot at the time. No thanks. Not going to happen...
And this place - an old farmhouse and garden nursery - vacant for years.
Walking distance from my house.
Itching to become an artists studio - don't you think?
Maybe "captain tight pants" could help out there…
I was so delighted to see this in the Southwest Airlines Flight Magazine last April, I had to get a picture!
Oh, Mal… (Sorry for the detour from clay beads - would love to see Firefly take off again!)
And I think it would be awesome if someone as cool as Nathan could invest in a project like this artists studio. 
Just throwing it out there…

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  1. So sad that I have missed your blog tour this time around! I love the fact that you can see the beauty of those seed pods and the sticks that inhabit the garden at this time of year. All I see is gray. Thanks for letting see that there is indeed beauty every where.
    Enjoy the day, Marsha!

  2. I can't wait to see what your other life changes are.... I'm guessing that it will still be somehow linked to gardening and pottery, yes?

  3. Totally itching to become a all the photos of beautiful spring around where you live...especially that deer! You just don't get them round where I central! So beautiful to see it here.

  4. Hey Erin! Glad you got to swing by - the giveaways continue so check out all the posts!
    I have been thinking a lot about setting up my kick wheel again. I loved throwing on one back in school (used the kick wheel with motor attachment). There was such a rhythm to working on one…
    Plans are for certain to tie my clay into gardening much more.
    No more babies for me (although I am not one to say never, but really - we are totally fine with 2).
    Oh, the deer… around here, they travel in herds of 10-20 at times. I love the early summer months when the fawns are about with their mothers. I garden for them too (or so they think).


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