Friday, March 4, 2011

Monotangle and Geometric Shapes...

The Monotangle.
Here is my Zentangle drawing entry:
Marsha Neal Studio "Monotangle" Challenge Entry.
I started with the four corner dots, lines, then lines back and forth to create a simple string.
Then opened up Totally Tangled and somewhat randomly picked this design to run with…

Click over to Laura's blog to see more about these challenges (you can participate too!)

And from one of our weekly assignments over at the Drawing Lab 2011 Online Course
(it's a paid class - but worth it! Lots of techniques are taught & it's not full of pressure!)

I also really like the way that this drawing came out:
It makes me giggle a bit with delight…

It was inspired by this photo I snapped with my iPhone:
The hair on this boy cracks me up!
It needs a trim, but wants to go in every direction.
With straight hair - that's funny!

I love looking at photos that I am constantly taking of my little ones for inspiration for these drawing lab classes…

I feel complete right now in this moment.
It will change soon I am sure…
As soon as I look over my to do list sitting here…
Sitting right on my peripheral right side - staring at me…
I can feel it reaching out to me...
I'm ignoring it for the moment...

Off to get a cup of tea for some warmth.
Steal a few goldfish crackers from the container.
Then pop back down here into the studio to look at that darn list.

I hope to see you all here on Sunday for the Open Studio Event!
1-4pm EST Live
Also - a 20% off sale for my Etsy shop.

Details Sunday (maybe Saturday or even later today if I get to it)


  1. Great Tangle, cute sketch and AMAZING photo! *G*

  2. Marsha I love your sketch, it cracks me up and that sort of aerial view photo. Those little fingers on the keys make me smile.
    Enjoy your cup of tea and I'll see ya on Sunday.

  3. Love your tangle, the negative spaces are amazing. Your sketch is darling, great phone shot and inspiration, what sweet little fingers!

  4. Another lovely tangle! And thanks for sharing Laura's blog - I had never heard of the Zentangle art form before, how neat!!

  5. Fun. I can see the strings but that only adds to the sensual flow of this design.


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