Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hi. I'm Marsha...

Just incase you don't know me…
Hi. I'm Marsha.
Welcome to my blog.
This post is part of the the Beads-of-Clay Bloggers Open Studio.
I've been involved with Beads of Clay since the very beginning back in 2004.
I write a couple of posts a month on the BOC blog & help organize these Open Studio Events.

My business is Marsha Neal Studio, LLC (yes - an actual LLC - legal protection you know!?)
I have an Etsy Shop (clay items are marked on sale 20% off for this event).
As part of this event, for every item you purchase in my Etsy shop until midnight tonight, you get a chance at winning 3 bonus drawing to win a $25 Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop Gift Certificate.
Yes, there will be three $25 gift certificate drawings - I'll email the winners on Monday.
Every item you buy is a chance to win. Buy 3 items, get 3 chances.
I also have a website where you can order a specific porcelain textured pendant or individual silk strand.

I'm Married to a pretty cool guy - Dave. We met in 1996.
He is actually pretty funny too - in a wise-guy - cracks me up when he is on a roll-kind of way.
We've got two kids: Chloe, 3 and Riley, 1.
Our life is quite entertaining...
I won't bore you with too much "history" about me here because I have an "about me" page on this blog.

Basically I'm into my family, nature (flora & fauna) and working with clay.
Lepidoptera in Flight taken by Marsha Summer 2010
Did I mention my obsession with photography too.
I'm quite fond of this next picture of a coneflower from my garden in decay over the winter...
Coneflower in Decay, copyright Marsha Neal Studio
This year, my word that best describes my motives is Enhance.
Marsha Neal Studio Drawing Lab Cat Drawing (copyright MNS)
I am basically stepping back into educating myself in drawing (drawing lab 2011), photography, and nature (Master Gardener Trainee).
Cat drawing transformed into decal image on my beads.
I am trying to organize my studio and my life in a way that will lead me to find that feeling of balance in every day. Refocusing on my basic skills and inspirations to see where I am going with my artwork...

I've joined a few teams on Etsy: Beads of Clay, Etsy Mud Team, and have become the Captain of the Delaware Etsy Street Team. I feel more complete (and maybe a little overwhelmed at times) to be involved in community efforts and interacting more with like minded artists.

So as you can see - there is a lot going on with me and my studio…
Stop back in a bit for the first giveaway after visiting more BOC Bloggers.


  1. Loved reading this and of course seeing pictures of the hubs and kiddos.
    Shannon C

  2. Love those pictures!! I'm impressed that you can juggle so many things and raise 2 kids at the same time! Good thing that you have a husband that is entertaining!!!

  3. HI Marsha! I love how the kitties translated into clay!

  4. So nice to meet you, Marsha! I have loved your work for a very long time & I was honored to be able to purchase one of your necklaces from your My Mom Pattie shop.

  5. Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by this afternoon! I better get to work on having some of those cat beads for my Etsy shop shouldn't I? Oops… ;)

  6. HI there Girlie!! Nice to see you today during another fun BOC Open Studio extravaganza!

  7. Great pics, your kids are so cute! Love those cat beads & pendants!


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