Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank You ~ Shop ~ Come Back Soon...

Thank you for visiting the BOC Bloggers Open Studio Event and for spending some time here with us!
Chloe learning how to take pictures with her  iPhone (Dave's very old phone).
I enjoy visiting & interacting with you all and seeing other artists studios…

We should be doing another one in October 2011 and will hopefully have more artists participating again. And I'll have new pieces like these nests readily available (before then for sure!)
And I have plans for working on felting to combine with shards…

Lots to figure out! Let's not even touch on how bad I want to order MissFickleMedia's patinas and tutorial…

For every item you buy through the Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop until Midnight EST tonight, you get a chance at winning up to three $25 Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop Gift Certificates. I will email you tomorrow to let you know you've won. Curious to see how good your chances are for winning? Check out the sold items and see how many have sold today… 
Chances will be numbered by the order that they appear in my sold (first sold = #1, second = #2, and so on).

Have fun shopping!

Oh, and follow this blog to get updates regularly or just stop back to see I'm getting into.
Like what my friend Kelly Russell of Beadfuddled and I do with these and more pieces like them…
Pre-firing and Post-Firing Porcelain Paper Clay Pieces.
Thanks for spending your Sunday afternoon with us!
Remember to comment on the BOC main blog post for your chance at winning the big lot of donated beads! And don't forget to see both the live and static blog post links for all the artists participating!


  1. Hi Marsha, This was a great event. I think I finally have it all figured out. The 30 was very helpful. It worked well. I was able to look at other blogs and keep up with mine too. Love you very informative and charming posts. thanks again for making it happen so well.

  2. Marsha, Thanks for putting this together. It was so much fun! I love getting to know the others who share the same interest :O) MaryAnn

  3. Super fun, Marsha! I did order Shannon's patinas and tutorials but they are still sitting in the box. Shameful, I know. I will get to it one day. I am taking a metalsmithing course this weekend and hopefully that will pull it all together for me!
    That kid with the camera is precious!
    Enjoy the day!


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