Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Preparations For BOC Open Studio

Things are underway for a lot of Beads of Clay artists that are going to be participating in this Sunday's BOC Bloggers Open Studio Event. There will be a Live Blogging event from 1-4pm EST and a Static Post Event which will have a separate post to make blog cruising a lot easier during that 3 hour window.
These are my "giveaway" pendants for the Sunday Live Event on the Marsha Neal Studio Blog.
If you have never heard of this event, you may be wondering:
What is this event?
Why have Live and Static posts?
And do I qualify to participate?
What do I do?

Here are some answers:
1. The BOC Bloggers Open Studio event is a way that artists in our group can "get together" through our blogs and open them up to visitors. A blogging art loop of sorts where you get to visit artists in their creative space, all over the world through the windows of their blog.

2. Live posts provide us all with the interaction of being together at one time in one place. It's quite fun! The Static posts allow artists that have other commitments or limitations within technology, to participate in the Open Studio Event.

3. Anyone can visit the Open Studio Event and make comments on individual artists blogs for a chance at winning the "giveaway beads". If you are an BOC artist and want to participate, click here.

4. There will be a schedule of events listed for the live event on the Main Beads of Clay Blog on Sunday, March 6, 2011. Click on over there and take a look at both posts for the Static and Live events to see what artists are joining up. 

  • Then at 1pm EST, come on over to start visiting the Live event artists blogs to start the tour. 
  • Make comments on the appropriate posts (they will be labeled 1st and 2nd giveaways) during the 1/2 hour windows.
  • Enjoy the time you have to spend with all the BOC artists live on their blogs.
Remember, all artists were asked to participate in giveaways and sales in their Etsy Shops or Websites on their clay work, so check out all the Static and Live posts for both.

When all is done, come back to the main Beads of Clay Live Event Post and leave a comment there for your chance to win a large group of beads donated by Beads of Clay artists.

Hope to see you at the Beads of Clay Blog on Sunday!


  1. Hey Marsha, The BOC open is a great idea and sounds fun. It's like going behind the scenes of your fellow artists. Cool! I adore those pendants you are givig away.


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